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Does the venue have everything you need?

Arranging your wedding is an exciting time for a bride to be. You want everything to be perfect for you and your guests, down to the smallest detail. That means finding the best venues for Indian weddings. Most brides have a good idea of what they want on their special day. But it’s essential that your venue has everything you need.

Before you visit Asian wedding venues it’s a smart move to have a few questions to ask the planner when you get there. These should include:

What is the total capacity of the venue? What stage options do you offer? Can you host Mehndi nights here? Can we sample the food you offer? We want to have speeches, can speakers be heard around the room? How can the tables be set out? Can you serve all of our guests in a short space of time so that food stays hot? Can you decorate the room to our taste? What sweets do you have for our guests? Is there ample parking within the venue or close by?

Ask these questions and any others you have when visiting the best Indian or amazing Asian wedding venues. You want a day that makes your dreams come true and a good venue will provide it.

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