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A wedding is the one day in your life when all eyes will be on you. It’s for this reason that brides put so much time and effort into the dress. They also put a lot of time into choosing the most beautiful wedding venues in Eastsussex. Our list shows some of the most breathtaking and wonderful venues that are ideal for you.

Looking at stunning wedding venues online is the first part of the selection process. When you find a venue or two you like, it’s vital that you visit them in person. Look around, ask questions and try a tasting menu. Then and only then will you know if it is right for you.

I want a venue that is stunning but practical

The most beautiful wedding venues certainly look the part, but you must make sure they are practical for you and your guests. Some of the questions that you ought to ask at stunning wedding venues are:

Can guests get to the venue easily? Must we provide transport? Is there accommodation at the venue if guests want it? Is there a strong menu everyone will enjoy? Are children permitted? Is there wheelchair access? Is the venue big enough? Can I have exclusive use? Is there a bar? Can I have my ceremony here?



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